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Locate and update a complete history of your assets in the field
Custom scheduled reports tailored to you
Custom scheduled reports tailored to you

Load service and operator manuals, parts information, or build sheets via your mobile iOS device as an asset leaves the factory.

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View all historical information of an asset on your iOS device instead of relying on the filing cabinet.

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Streamline the entire rental process while driving improved customer service and reduced operating costs.

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Keep a library of maintenance logs to maximize the efficiency of your equipment and operations.

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When selling equipment, historical information on equipment maintenance increases the opportunity for greater sale values.

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Equipdata is a cloud based, equipment management and GPS mapping solution for the equipment industry.

Every piece of equipment is identified by a QR (Quick Reference) tag. �Scan the QR tag with an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini) and immediately recall equipment history and/or past maintenance activity on site. �Instantly assess and report the data at the field or office level.

Equipment history along with any unique asset information such as equipment manuals can be transferred throughout the product lifecycle from owner to owner.�

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Your equipment data always at your fingertips.

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